︎︎︎Random Access

Tate Lates 29.11.2019 at Tate Modern 
co-curated with MoCDA and Worldwide FM

Random Access was an event coinciding and responding to Nam June Paik retrospective at Tate Modern, held at Tate Lates in November 2019 and co-curated by MoCDA and Worldwide FM. The event focused on creative and collaborative ways of working with artificial intelligence and blockchain.

On this occasion, I assisted with the development of research into Nam June Paik’s oeuvre, collaborated with participating artists Robbie Barrat and DADA.Art collective. I also participated in a pane discussion about Nam June Paik’s influence on the ways artist work with technology nowadays.

Participants: Robbie Barrat, Sabina Covarubbias, DADA.Art, IAMWE, Dr Holly Rogers, Global Roots, Ekiti Sound, Rebekah Ubuntu.