︎︎︎Empathy Loading

Empathy Loading is an interdisciplinary online Graduate Project which I co-curated as part of MA Curating Contemporary Art at Royal College of Art. Within the project, I was responsible for conducting extensive research into artificial intelligence and social implication of new technologies, developing curatorial themes, liaising with the artists and digital communications.
Empathy Loading’s main focus was on machine sentience and empathy between humans and non-humans. Participating artists reflected on the interweaving of synthetic and organic worlds, the emergence of new forms of caretaking and caregiving as well as machine agency, ethics of invisible labour and prosthetic devices for a deeper understanding of more-than-human sensitivity.

For the project, we invited four international artists; Friendred, Elisa Giardina Papa, Vishal Kumaraswamy and Marie-Eve Levasseur to speculate on affective relationships between humans and networked non-humans. Additionally, we commissioned creative text using machine learning by Allison Parrish, a speculative listening experience by Amina Abbas-Nazari and organised a conversation between Kumaraswamy and Zarina Muhammad.